Exploring Namibia – Best Tips for First-time Visitors

Namibia, a country in South Western Africa is a land full of wonders and beauty visited by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as their honeymoon destination. It is a stunning and unique country and considered one of Africa’s most beautiful. Namibia is famous for its high mountains and dunes as well as for Etosha National Park and Sossusvlei. In 1990, became an independent country works as a presidential form of government focused on all the necessary rights and freedoms with their motto “Solidarity, Liberty, Justice”. The most famous, best and beautiful place of Namibia are:

Etosha National Park

One can’t visit sub-Saharan Africa without heading off to a spot that surrenders you a nearby and individual involvement with the rich wildlife for which the mainland is so famous. Covering more than 20,000 square km of land, Etosha National Park is one of the best Namibia spots to visit to survey wildlife. The recreation centre is a glad home to lions, elephants, gemsboks, and incalculable different creatures. This park viewed as a unique spot to visit with families and friends and family, there is no spot like Etosha National Park to check out Africa’s incredibly magnificent wildlife.


Did you realize that Namibia is additionally home to the most ancient desert on the planet? The Namib Desert is of 40 million years of age and is spread crosswise over Angola and South Africa. With a consistently changing palette of gold, ruby, Vermillion, and deep rusts, this is a stunning place and the most hypnotizing Namibia attractions. Remember that while it is lovely, the grand desert is likewise slippery. Practically uninhibited and flawless, Namib desert offers astounding locales like Dune 45, Sesriem Canyon, and the Bonfegels, which are curves that branch off over the sea, and a place which should be visited by every single visitor of Namibia.

Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon’s dreamlike scene will make even the most apathetic of explorers go gaga for this spot. The canyon is an incredible 160km long and practically 30km wide, giving us the absolute most sensational view on the planet to appreciate. There are a couple of trails to climb and depend upon how intense you’d like your climb to be. It’s conceivable to spend many days climbing this locale, so plan your visit and course well ahead of time. You should tell others where you’ll be climbing, and in case you’re not an accomplished climber, make a point to employ a trustworthy guide.

Skeleton Coast of Namibia

The shore of Namibia was once called as the sands of hellfire by the Portuguese. It is a little marvel where the expression started from when venturing to every part of the Skeleton Coast of Namibia. This piece of Namibia is a standout among the least warm places on earth. On the coast, the large sand ridges of the Namib Desert meet the Atlantic in the original style. Steady breezes and substantial mist make a misleading coast that has wrecked numerous sailors leaving them to a practically unavoidable path. It is the place which blows away your thoughts about how Africa should be. You should enjoy this brilliant scenery and remember not to miss the sunset. In spite of its scariness and absence of accommodation, the Skeleton Coast stays the absolute most immaculate waterfront wild in Africa and possibly the entire world. It may be disheartening, but at the same time, it’s incredibly beautiful.


Windhoek, capital of Namibia, with an attractive setting, is the largest city of Namibia. Like most African urban communities, Windhoek is a blend of pilgrim history and African urban buzz. Here, you can find out about the nation’s rich history, shop till you drop in the numerous business sectors, or appreciate incredible sustenance and lager under the ever-present African sun. You should glance at Christuskirche, the ginger-bread style church in the middle of the town, visit the neighbourhood art advertises around the local area, and Joe’s lager house, or unwind in the African sun at the Parliament gardens. An excellent spot to remain is Urban Camp. Halfway situated with open to outdoors grounds, it got substantial obscure trees, internet, decent washrooms and a shimmering pool- all what you need for a fantastic trip.

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