Freak Snowfall in Austrian Tirol Strands Holidaymakers

Freak snowfall in Austrian Tirol strands holidaymakers

One of the areas experiencing the heaviest snowfall has been the Arlberg region in Tirol, Austria (photo:thinkstock)

Freak snowfall in Austria has sparked avalanche fears and left thousands of holidaymakers stranded in ski resorts.

One of the areas experiencing the heaviest snowfall has been the Arlberg region, with snow depths on the Galzig now at 550cm and on the Valluga at 585cm, topping the ‘deepest snow in the world’ league on

It has been snowing over in the east of the Tirol region too, with the Skiwelt Wilder-Kaiser Brixental reporting 50cm, Kitzbühel 30cm and the Alpbach Valley reporting 40cm of fresh snow.

Reportedly, more than 1,000 Brits are stranded in the town of Ischgl alone, but many more are believed to be stuck in ski resorts Galtur, St Anton and Arlberg.

Many roads are completely inaccessible and the weight of the snow means that many trees have collapsed, further complicating road clearances.

The Tirol Tourist Board warns holidaymakers that “Conditions can change quickly in the mountains so always be prepared. Always carry a piste map and know how to get help if needed.

“Most importantly pay attention to signs, issuing warnings such as piste closed or to the flags notifying the avalanche danger level. Don’t ignore the signs – they are there for a reason!”

Later this week the forecast suggests a little sunshine is on its way, creating some of the most amazing skiing conditions.

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