How To Avoid Dehydration When Hiking

Are you new to hiking, mountain biking or other outdoor sports? One thing that you will want to keep in mind as you prepare to start planning for treks and excursions is making sure that you have a sufficient water supply to sustain you for the length of any major outings that you will be going on. One of the worst things that can happen to a hiker or biker is to suffer from dehydration.

There are many things that you can do to prevent this and planning is half the battle, whether you choose to use a great hydration system such as the Camelbak Hawg or carry numerous water bottles along with you in your backpack.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of staying hydrated during your outdoor activities and provide some tips and resources that will help you to achieve this goal.

Even when one is not engaged in a strenuous activity, the body perspires and loses liquids in the form of sweat. To replenish the supply of liquids leaving the body on a regular basis, a person should typically drink 6-8 glasses of water a day to maintain an optimal level of hydration.

While hiking, biking or engaging in another strenuous outdoor activity, of course one is prone to sweating a lot more so more care needs to be taken in order to be conscious of replenishing the fluids that your body needs. Most often people consume these liquids in the form of water which would be the healthiest for your body, but some people also drink Gatorade or other drinks that can also be a good way to hydrate the body.

One great solution to keeping hydrated while hiking or biking is the investment of a good hydration system such as the Camelbak 100 oz which carries a good 100 ounces of water which will keep you hydrated during a good long hike or even while camping. Simply fill up the sturdy water reservoir and insert it into the comfortable pack which is padded and customizable in size to fit your back and body.

This particular model also includes an added 900 cubic inches of space for additional storage. Store things such as snacks, keys and maps in easy to access pockets within the pack. There is even a nice water resistant spot for your beloved MP3 player right at the top of the pack so that you are able to enjoy your favorite tunes while hiking those beautiful mountains or other wonderful landscapes and scenic views.

A few great tips for staying hydrated include drinking a fair bit of water before you even set off for your hike, drink additional water every 20-30 minutes or so and continue to drink a bit of water after completing your hike. The bottom line is to stay conscious about drinking sufficient water and you should be perfectly fine.

Whether you choose the Camelbak hydration pack or another brand of this sort of system, we highly recommend this as a great investment and tool to help you stay hydrated while hiking. These systems are very easy to use and very affordable considering the value for what you are purchasing and the money that you could save on bottled water. 

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