A Complete Guide to Fijian Islands

Today we’re continuing the summer holiday vibe with a guide to one of the jewels of the South Pacific – the islands of Fiji. The Republic of Fiji is a beautiful country of 200 uninhabited, about 100 inhabited volcanic and coral islands, extinct volcanoes, impenetrable tropical forests, and cozy people. Every year, millions of tourists reach this country from all parts of the world and gaze its beauty. Still, there are many people who are clueless about this beautiful country and don’t know how to go there and have a memorable trip? Are you also among those groups of people? If yes, then this travel guide is for you.

Passport & Visa Requirements

These two are the first requirements of arranging a trip to Fiji. Make sure that you have a valid passport for at least 6 months. For visa, submit your application to the embassy of Fiji in your country and show your flight tickets, return tickets, travel plan to get a tourist visa. You can go to Fiji via airplane and ferry. Choice is yours!

Enrich Your Knowledge About Custom Rules

In order to travel Fiji peacefully, you need to respect its strict custom rules. Breaching custom rules can invite legal problems and you may end up in jail. Look at the list of things which can’t be imported and exported when you are touring Fiji:

Things which can’t be Imported in Fiji Things which can’t be exported outside Fiji
More than 250 cigarettes or more than 250 grams of tobacco products /cigars. Fijian artifacts
More than 2.25 liters of strong alcohol, 4.5 liters of wine or beer. Living or dead corals
Cash more than $ F10,000 in any currency. Tortoiseshell or products made of it
Food in any form Mussels
Any living organisms and biological samples Fish and teeth of sperm whales in any form.
Pornographic materials Bats
Goods intended for commercial use (samples and products for sale), Birds
Professional or technical equipment Lizards or their blood
Minerals, stones, rocks Any plants or seeds
Already used tents and camping equipment, a bicycle, and a golf club.  
If you suddenly want to import a saddle, you will not be able to do this, because all those products which are made up of animals, fish or plants participated, are also prohibited.  

Decide Which Cities & Islands You Want to Visit

In Fiji, there are several groups of islands and cities, such as Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, Mamanuka, Yasawa , Kadavu, Lau and Lomaiviti. Suva, Savusavu, Levuka, Nadi, Labasa and Sigatoka are some major cities in Fiji. So, you need to determine the places you want to visit as per your interest and budget.

Check Weather Conditions Before Going out For Excursions

The weather in Fiji is famous for its enviable constancy. So, you can visit this country all year round, during which the air temperature fluctuates on the average around 25-32 °, the water temperature – 24-29 °. From November to April, there remains rainy season in this country. So, you can expect intense rainfall, heat and strong winds, storms, hurricanes, landslides and floods during this season. So, it is recommended that you should stay on the islands of Mamanuka and Yasawa in place of the main island because there will be less moisture.

Always keep in mind that the rainy season coincides with the summer period in Fiji, which lasts from December to March. So, the most comfortable and recommended time for visiting the archipelago is from April to November. The tourist activity reaches the maximum mark in New Year’s holidays and at Christmas. You can expertise the power of a tropical rainfall at any time in Fiji. So, always have a light raincoat in your suitcase.

Make Financial Transactions Carefully

The Fijian dollar is the official monetary unit of the country. So, exchange the USA dollars, Euro, or any other international currency into local currency so that you can make payments for the purchased products and services. You can also use Visa, Master card, American Express, and credit cards to pay the bills in any cafe, supermarket, hotel, travel agencies. Always keep in mind that local ATMs accept cards of foreign banks only in the cities of Nadi. There are many hotels that charge 5% commission if you pay them via cards.

Be Careful While Travelling Across the Country

If you want to travel between cities in Fiji, local buses are excellent. They are of two types- Express buses and Local buses. Choose Express Buses as they are more comfortable and modern. Another good option for traveling is minibuses for 12-15 people. A taxi will be the most comfortable means of transportation. For travelling between islands, use the services of Ferries, Aircraft and seaplanes.

No Language and Communication Problem

Fijian and English are the official languages of this country. So, if you know English, there will not be any problem for you while touring Fiji. If you learn a little bit of Fijian language, you can easily get along with the local population and exchange your thoughts.

Enjoy Local Food and Drink

Traditional Fijian dishes are-sweet potatoes, taro (like the root of yam), cassava (root crops) rice, coconuts, and fish. Apart from this, a large number of Fijians of Indian origin have introduced several spicy food items on the market. So, you can enjoy local food as per your wish. For example-Kokoda, Palusami, Lovo, Balolo, Balolo, etc.

Vacation with Kids

Fiji is a nice country if you want to go on foreign tours with your kids. This country has several family resorts on almost all famous islands with remarkable accommodation options for children. Great importance is given to children in hotels so that they can have the most interesting excursions in an easy way.

Be Careful About Health Hazards

Before arriving in this country, it is recommended to be vaccinated against a number of possible infections: poliomyelitis, typhus, hepatitis B, cholera, and tetanus as per doctor’s recommendations. Purchase a travel insurance plan as it will cover your medical bills if you fall ill during your trip to Fiji. Do not drink tap water. Buy, packed bottle water.

Final Words

Fiji is a beautiful country with attractive islands and cities. This travel guide will help you to visit this beautiful island nation safely and have a memorable trip.

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