Our Go To Guide: Things to do in Troia

Today we’ve got a guide to one of Portugal’s burgeoning go-to destinations for family holidays. Get the tickets booked and we’ll tell you where to go from there!

Troia is a small peninsula that’s located on the south central coast line of Portugal. Troia for a long time was synonymous with wealth and exclusivity, but has recently become renown for its overall safety, stunning beaches, and convenient location. Troia boast both modern and classic holiday homes and is an beautifully scenic ferry ride away from Setubal, one of Portugal’s largest cities. The stunning area can also be reached by train from Lisbon, the nation’s capital. Here’s a list of the top five things to do in Troia.

1.     Visit the incredible beaches

The beaches in Troia aren’t just pristine, with their golden sand and calm blue waves, they’re also uncrowded. Troia, being a peninsula is quite literally surrounded with secret beaches and tame coastline. The western side of the peninsula sports some of the calmest lines of the Atlantic thanks to sunken sand bars beyond the shores. Making this area ideal for little ones. Many of Troia’s beaches also have lifeguards present, making the experience all the more relaxing and trouble free. The exclusivity of the resort is something that is an untapped secret of many of the European elite. The privacy that is afforded to yourself and your family ensures that you can enjoy a full day in the sun without suffering someone else’s sand in your bucket. This gives you a chance to truly relax with your loved ones and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


2. Park the car

A large part of Troia’s charm rests in the fact that there are few roads throughout the peninsula giving guests the ability to get away from the annoying drone of traffic and freedom from heinous exhaust fumes. Troia is packed with walking and cycling trails, allowing you and your family to explore the area while making new memories. Bikes can be hired on the peninsula itself, or brought over on the ferry if you are interested in a quiet and relaxing day trip. The eastern side of the peninsula is undeveloped and a haven for tropical birds and wildlife. Troia also presents beautiful pine forested dunes, should a serene nature walk entice you and your family.


3. Go Golfing

Troia hosts one of the top golf courses in Europe. The challenging, yet visually stunning, 18 hole course is filled with perfectly manicured greens and deftly structured bunkers, that also offer an unending sea view. While you snag your set of clubs, your family can happily relax in the club house, that’s elegantly poised next to a beautiful lake. The clubhouse offers a bar and fine dining restaurant as well as a balcony with a panoramic view of the area. The course itself is also in close proximity of many other of the incredible activities that you and your family are sure to enjoy.

4. See the Dolphins

There are many exciting and fun ways to get to see Troia’s dolphin population up close and personally. Take a kayak tour, go parasailing, stand up paddle boarding, rent a sailboat, or just take the ferry over from Setubal and prepare yourself for the stunning views of the sparkling ocean to be adorned with the playful forms of the areas many dolphins. The dolphins can be viewed year round and are a fun compliment to any journey around the peninsula.  Enjoy watching these majestic creatures frolic in the waves while you and your family enjoy a dip in the turquoise waters.


5. Visit the fascinating and extensive Roman ruins of Cetobriga

It wouldn’t be a complete list of things to do in Troia without mentioning the educational and thrilling experience of visiting the expansive Roman ruins of Cetobriga. In the first to the sixth century, this area was a hub of the Roman fish salting marketplace.  Remains of the salting offices and workshops, housing projects, spas and even several necropolis a columbarium can be found here. The ruins are an important archeological site that is routinely being studied and carefully unearthed. Fragments of pottery from the area can also be viewed. The thermal baths are a triumph of ancient architecture with multiple baths, underground heating systems, and even preserved mosaics, all painting a vivid picture of the majesty of times lost.

While these are definitely the top five things to do in Troia, we would be amiss if we didn’t extend an honorable mention to any of the exquisite restaurants that overlook the placid estuary or the wild fun held at the casino and events center. Troia has something for everyone, to be sure, but it is a gem that only the clever few will discover and enjoy.

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