Do You Remember That December?

Do you Remember that December?

With the festive season looming, Ski holiday specialists Crystal Ski have teamed up with the Met Office to put together this detailed, data-driven approach to snowfall predictions – specifically what your chances are of seeing a white Christmas in your part of the UK. 

You can find the piece here:

As you might have gathered I enjoy a sprinkling of the white stuff so I was pleased to see that my home county, where I’ll be spending much of the Christmas and New Year period stands a decent 9% chance of becoming a winter wonderland fit for the ages.


I remember well those tundra-like scenes when 10cm of fluffy snow descended on us in the night back in 2009. We might have only had 2 white Christmases in the past 25 years but I’m remaining optimistic.

The site also digs into some famous snowfalls from the last 100 years. With detailed statistics on the 4 snowiest Yules we’ve celebrated – 1962, 1968, 1995 and 2010. Scotland wins out for me with 43cm falling over 11 days – sounds very ski-able to me, that.

I won’t ruin it any further so I recommend you check out the site, but I will say that one UK region racks up an impressive 55% chance of snow – maybe it’s your neck of the woods.

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