5 Lesser Known Spots for GoPro Canoe Enthusiasts

Looking for amazing new destinations to explore from your Canoe?

Looking for amazing new destinations to explore from your Canoe?

We’re not just about skiing and snow here at Justchalets.co.uk, we love an outdoor adventure holiday too, especially if it happens to take place in some of the most beautiful scenery you’re likely to find off-piste.

With that in mind, are you a canoe-crazy outdoor enthusiast? Looking for amazing new destinations to explore from your Canoe? If yes, you might want to think about grabbing your canoe and GoPro then heading to mainland Europe. No, we’re not talking about the regular destinations like Greece, Spain, or Italy. The idea is to get you acquainted with some offbeat European destinations for canoeing. What follows is a list of lesser known European destinations that will give an unforgettable experience to every canoeing enthusiast.

River Dunajec, Slovakia
How many times has Slovakia crossed your mind while thinking about an outdoorsy holiday destination in Europe? Chances are, never. If you’re into canoeing, you might want to know that Slovakia takes its canoeing and kayaking rather seriously. Michal Martikan, winner of 7 World Champion Gold medals for white-water canoeing comes from Slovakia – this says it all. The river Dunajec in Slovakia is a great place to canoe and suits paddlers with varying abilities. It has some surreal stretches that are calm and slow-flowing, with some fantastic views of the local countryside and the distant view of the Polish peak of Trzy Korony (Three Crowns). If you’re experienced, the highlight of the river is a 6.2 mile gorge that is called the Dunajec Canyon. The river picks up a decent speed here, allowing paddlers to zip past steep cliffs.

River Ardeche, France
Located in the warm and sunny south-central region of France is the 125 km long Ardeche River. The entire Ardeche region is extremely picturesque, adorned with limestone cliffs, and steep-sided valleys and gorges that have been carved over the centuries. The highlight of the river is a natural 60 meter stone arch known as the Pont d’Arc (arch bridge) spanning the river. Thanks to its amazing gorges and valleys, the river Ardeche is extremely popular with canoeists and kayakers, especially during the summers. For an ultimate canoeing experience, you could start paddling from Pont d’Arch, and canoe ahead for about 19 miles, which would include a night or two of camping by the river. Along the stretch you’ll come across pebble beaches, great cliffs, and rocky shelves that make awesome picnic spots.

If you want to experience a Canoeing trip that feels nothing less than a trip to paradise, head straight to Croatia. Canoeing and kayaking in this stunning destination is all about tranquil waterfalls, crystal-clear turquoise waters, lush river bands blooming with greenery and colorful flowers, exotic birds, curious little mammals, and lots more. Paddle along the dazzling Cetina River in Dalmatia, which is ideal for canoeing enthusiasts. The river is surrounded by charming little villages, colorful meadows, and deciduous woodlands. The river has something for every type of canoeist – right from white water rapids, to deep ravines with rugged rocks, to calm lower patches, to tall canyons – this river gives you a bit of everything!

Western Sweden
If you’re crazy about canoeing and kayaking, Sweden is yet another incredible European destination that you can look up. The western part of the country has some amazing canoeing spots such as the province of Varmland, which is known for its giant forests, and thousands of lakes. The Glaskogen nature reserve is home to around 80 pristine lakes and waterways. Sweden’s west coast stretches from Gothenburg towards the north till the Norwegian border. The entire coast is dotted with quaint little fishing villages, lined with a parade of breathtaking islands, skerries, and islets, which makes it a sheer paradise for avid canoeists and kayakers. Then there is also the Dalsland Canal, a 240 kilometer navigable system of lakes, right in the middle of the stunningly beautiful Dalsland province, which is quite popular with Canoe-crazy Swedes.

River Obra, Poland
The River Obra in Poland offers Canoeing enthusiasts more than a hundred miles of paddling. The water is mostly flat, which makes it ideal for families, beginners, groups, and even the most expert of paddlers. Canoeing is great way to travel down the river and explore the less visited parts of western Poland. Allow the subtle currents to carry you through scenic woodlands teeming with wildlife such as beavers, minks, otters, deers, kingfishers, ducks, geeses, swans, herons, and woodpeckers, as you paddle along. You can camp or picnic alongside the river while enjoying the beauty and shadeof the oaks, beeches, and pine trees.Author Bio: Warren Brown is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Warren has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.

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