Packing for a European Holiday this Winter

Packing for your Winter trip to Europe is practically an art form. You want to make sure you’re warm and comfy whilst still looking good. There’s also the added hassle of packing light so you don’t get hit with luggage fees and it’s easy for you to get around your selected destination. What you need is an itinerary list that will keep you warm and still looking good.

Begin with the Essentials

This is pretty obvious. Regardless of where you’re travelling, you’ll need your basics like underwear and toiletries. Get these in your luggage straight away so they’re not left behind!

Get in the Thermals

The majority of clothing that looks fashionable and trendy tend to a bit lightweight and thin. This is why a nifty trick to look good whilst in freezing cold temperatures is packing thermal leggings and long sleeve tops. You can wear these underneath your clothing to help you keep warm and because of the material, it won’t take up too much room! There are several brands that provide thermal options.

What you Shouldn’t Pack

Although comfy and warm, sweaters can take up a lot of space in your luggage. Instead of packing your bag with a load of bulky clothing, include 1 or 2 and then utilise your thermal clothing to wear underneath clothing like lightweight cardigans or jumpers. If your favourite clothing happens to be rather bulky though and you really want to take it, here are some useful packing tips to help you save space in your luggage.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Accessories such as hats and gloves are essential to keeping yourself warm. They’re also a great way to add a bit of colour to your outfit that’s likely to be filled with neutral colours for your warm-knit items. To keep you warm, pack the following:

  • Lightweight but warm socks
  • Gloves
  • Scarf
  • Hats (Preferably a bobble or stocking cap)

 Add a Coat for Layering

It can be a struggle picking a coat that isn’t too heavy to lug around but isn’t too light that it’ll keep you cold. The recent trend of lightweight parkas has been a revolution in this case. The majority tend to have a fluffy coating inside and are flexible with outfits in weather changes. Just make sure that they’re waterproof and easily allow layers to fit underneath without feeling too uncomfortable.

 Boots: An Essential Item

Footwear can take up a lot of space in your luggage which is why you want to minimise this as much as possible. Considering the cold weather, it’s useful to pack a comfortable pair of boots. Why? They can pretty much match with the majority of winter clothing items, they’re extremely comfortable and they’ll prevent your feet from becoming cold. It means you can save on packing multiple socks too!

If you do feel the need to pack another pair of footwear, wear your boots when you travel to and from destinations as they’ll take up quite a bit of room.

And that’s it. These are the essential points you need to consider when travelling for your Winter trip. Of course, there are other items such as your passport, boarding documents and any European or UK visa details if you need it. If you happen to forget anything though, just remember that a warm glass of mulled wine is sure to have you feeling good again!

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