Why Solo Travel Is The Latest Trend For Holidaymakers

Once upon a time, travelling solo may have seemed like a lonely experience, something that only singletons would consider if they wanted to escape their day job. However, the perception of solo travel is changing. It’s now deemed a way to find yourself, an empowering experience that can build character and introduce you to new experiences.  So, why is solo travel becoming so popular, and who’s doing it?

Who Is Embarking On Solo Holidays?

What’s clear is that it’s not just one demographic. For all ages from 25 to 75, around one sixth of people have said they’ve travelled alone. In older travellers, this increases to one in four, largely because this age group have either lost partners or recently become single. Because we live in an age where technology is so prevalent, it’s also considered less daunting to make the decision to travel alone.

Where Are People Jetting Off To Alone?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they just want to pack up their belongings, grab their travel pillow and earplugs, and take off to the unknown. Some seek a relaxation getaway on a cruise through the Caribbean, others prefer exploration holidays like backpacking through Thailand, and there are those who love a holiday filled with excitement and adventure; a skiing holiday, perhaps. There is no set rule when it comes to where people are travelling too, it seems. The only important element is that they are doing it alone.

Working Remotely

For many, the option to travel solo is actually an easy one because they can work remotely. Sometimes travelling isn’t about discovery and adventure, often it’s just because someone wants some me-time away from distractions. The opportunity to work remotely from anywhere in the world can make this a reality. It can give you the chance the think clearly in an environment without pressures or stress. There are a large number of people who cite working remotely as one of the best ways to motivate yourself again.

Voyaging Alone Pitfalls

Some solo travellers can feel at a disadvantage to those travelling in groups. For example, often people travelling solo will need to pay a single person supplements in accommodation. In this regard, it can work out being more expensive to travel alone. One of the ways to combat this is to travel solo…but in a group. There are plenty of organisations who offer solo travellers experiences as part of a larger group of others who are also travelling solo. This can also be a safer way to travel, and this is another pitfall that can put people off voyaging alone.

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