Top Weekend Break Destinations for Winter 2018/2019

The Summer months are the most common time to find tourists in around cities and places over the world – normally because this is when the weather is at its best and tourists are able to make the most of their holidays. However, the chance for a weekend break outside of the popular months is just as appealing, with the winter months still bringing warmth in other aspects.

Experiencing Christmas in other countries can bring an alternative taste to tradition like no other and be a completely new experience. The best benefit of all is that you’ll be saving plenty of money too, as hotels and flights are seen as the cheapest during this period. Here are some favourite destinations to escape to during the Winter that are appealing to all.


Salzburg, Austria

First on the list of ideal destination’s is Salzburg in Austria. This city offers just as much in the Winter as well as the Summer. The long narrow streets are filled with traditional shops that offer shredded pancakes and local Austrian coffee. Fortress Hohensalzburg is a popular tourist attraction for many to explore and once you get a bit peckish from all the wandering you can tuck into some traditional Austrian cuisine like Venus breast cakes or Mozartkugel which is made from marzipan and pistachio, surrounded by nougat and dark chocolate.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Regardless of the time of year, Amsterdam is a popular tourist attraction for everyone across the world. Amsterdam boasts its famous canals that add to the scenic lighting and atmosphere of the city. During the Winter, they host several Christmas markets which gives you the chance to tuck into sugar roasted almonds and candy apples. Also, the Amsterdam Light Festival that’s on from the 1st December to the 22nd January gives you the chance to observe some art pieces and installations, making for a brilliant day out.


Stockholm, Sweden

If you really want to make the most of the wintery vibes then Stockholm is a great city to embrace it. If you have the opportunity, visit Stockholm’s old town of Gamla Stan, built up of little-cobbled roads and medieval architecture to really compliment the snowy setting. When it’s getting a bit chilly outside there’s always the option to get indoors to get on some fika, better known to us as coffee and cake. The city also loves to get festive during the Christmas period, so expect to see lots of decorations around the city.


Algarve, Portugal

Perhaps a more alternative destination for Winter, the Algarve still offers a lot considering it’s seen as a Summer holiday getaway. The exceptional value for money for flights and hotels make it an increasingly popular destination for holiday-goers during Christmas. It’s a great place to take the family, with the chance to accommodate them all in a luxury Algarve Villa and a way to escape from the large Christmas rush and the snow as it’s rather quiet in the off-season.


Prague, Czech Republic 

A popular attraction in the Summer and Winter, Prague is an incredible place to visit during the Winter period when tourists aren’t as prominent. It means you can really enjoy the sights that it has to offer without competing with the rest of the crowd. One of the best sites to visit in Prague is along the Charles’ Bridge which allows you to look over the rooftops and peak a look at Prague Castle. There are also wooden huts and stalls that offer tasty treats and gifts if you ever miss the Christmas Market that they have.

The Winter period is a great chance to escape and explore something new when it comes to the Winter tradition. Rather than a Christmas roast, you can try tucking into the more traditional treats that are offered by the different destinations. Who knows, you might just take it home to make yourself in the future.

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