7 Must-have Items for Camping in the Winter

Camping is meant to be adventurous and fun. Camping in the summertime means long hot sunbathing days with bathing suits and swimming. Along with the many benefits camping in the summer brings, it also brings many disadvantages too like, no parking, tons of crowds, too many bugs, and you need to pack more luggage, as your food will go bad in the heat.

Camping in the winter brings many beneficial rewards as well like smaller crowds, less expensive, little to no bugs, and you will appreciate camping more as it can actually bring more peace to the mind. There are many more activities to do in the winter as well, because there is snow everywhere, so if you want to have fun and tell awesome stories, go camping in the winter.

This is the list of essential items you need to pack when going camping in the winter

Ultra-warm sleeping bag

First things first, make sure you have an ultra warm sleeping bag to sleep with at night. In the winter, depending on where you are you will get extremely cold, so here are a few things to look for when shopping for the right sleeping bag:

Water-resistant is a MUST when sleeping outside, not just in the winter but all year round. It must be big enough to stretch out in, and warm enough to huddle close to yourself.

Another thing to consider is weight, if you are planning to travel and set camp at night, lightweight items are a great choice. You need to look for bags that have down in them as it will heat you up at night and cool you down when you become too hot. Down material is lightweight, and comfortable.

An alternative option you should look for is a hood with the sleeping bag, it will keep your head warm to keep you from getting cold.

A waterproof tent

As for picking a tent, let’s focus on some main features you should look for other than it obviously having to be waterproof.

Look for a 2-Person tent suitable for all 4 seasons or just winter conditions. You will need a windproof structure, with a good ventilation space to breathe happily. Make sure your tent has enough storage capacity for all your important gear, combined with having enough room to move around in, as I doubt you will want to be anywhere outside your tent in the evening.

It is a good idea to have dry passage vestibules, and snow folds. In the daytime, if you plan on mountaineering, it is good to have a light easily manageable tent to carry around in your backpack.

I have the list of best waterproof tents for camping, you can refer to choose the best one.

A big puffy coat

Much like your sleeping bag, you will need to find similar features when choosing the best winter coat for camping in the cold.

Some conditions to keep in mind are snow, wind sleet, hail, rain, and cold temperatures. Some things to consider when searching for the ideal coat is material, pockets, insulation, waterproof, zippers, layers, and hoods.

There are different types of winter jackets, to name a few there is The Specialized, The Informal, and The Do-It-All jackets.

The Specialized jacket is mainly used for sporting goods, and getting active. These jackets consist of pit zips for better ventilation when sweating, wide and large hoods for helmet wearing, and lightweight for moving around in if you plan on being sporty or adventurous. This jacket has insulation to keep you warm and is equipped for the harshest, wettest weather, such as the waterproof feature.

The Informal jacket was designed to wear for when you go out to the store, or step outside for a few hours to get something done. They are more stylish, and fit for comfort with a larger hood styled with fur trim. They have deep hand-warming pockets, and double lining to keep you warm while you are out on the town. This jacket, even though stylish, was designed for warmth and convenience for extreme winter conditions.

Finally, The Do-It-All jackets were designed to fit both needs; style with convenience, and functional if you were to decide to do sporty activities. Don’t underestimate their lightweight appearance, as they have down, and PrimaLoft insulation, packed with three jackets in one. This is called “The Triclimate” model. However way you want to go out, you have two options to choose from with this model. Either you can wear two together for optimal warmth and protective covering, or if it is slightly warmer choose just one for a lightweight comfortable feel.

All three of these coats have waterproof, and insulation features. They are all great choices for whichever you decide to do while winter camping.

An enormous backpack

We all know that due to exploration, and mountaineering, it is essential to pack an enormous mountain, hiking backpack. Have you ever been hiking in the summer, and see people with backpacks the length of their backs? That is what you are looking for. After much exploring, I have found the top two backpacks.

The “Osprey Packs Mutant 38” offers comfort, viability, adaptability, and utility. Choose from a beastly gear-haul to a light summit pack in seconds. It offers suspensions for support and heavier loads.

The “Patagonia Ascensionist 40”, even though slightly more expensive than the “Osprey”, takes the lead with features such as; side straps small pelvis pads, and a zippered crest, for easy access. This pack is best known for its’ unique comfortable fit when loaded with gadgets, and the almost weightless effect when climbing hills.

A powerful & reliable stove

Everyone has to eat to survive, so on those blistery cold nights, make sure you have a powerful stove to light your fire and cook your food right.

Having enough energy is essential when in colder temperatures, and so eating the right food, on a nice stove is critical.

When looking for a stove, it is best to find something that is small, yet dynamic. Easy to use, yet demanding. I think the top pick for this is “The Camp Chef Mountaineer”; it is light, small, durable, and has two burning elements so you can feel right at home in the middle of nowhere.

A simple water bottle insulator

When selecting the best bottle insulator, the main features to look for are something that insulates the lid, an easy opening area, one without zippers so you don’t need to take off your gloves, and a clip attachment, so you don’t have to reach for water constantly.

You want something that will keep your water bottle from freezing in low temperatures and be readily accessible.

Lots of butter

This may sound strange to you but if you think about it, we use butter (or oil) for everything! We put it on our food, if not to grease our cookware. We use butter to warm our food, so why not use butter to warm ourselves? That sounds funny, let me rephrase. Butter is a good insulating trick for when you camp in the winter. The fats that are found in butter help your body stay warm and is needed for more energy.


Final Thoughts

Whether you are in the snowy mountains or a secluded campsite, you are guaranteed to survive and stay healthy with the materials above. Are you up for the challenge this winter? Go ahead, do it to say you did it and have great stories to tell your future generations. Camping doesn’t have to be fun in just a summer, make it a tradition and go every winter.

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will most likely find me camping. When I began camping a couple of years ago, I didn’t have much knowledge about camping and made lots of mistakes. But now, I have gained lots of experience on camping, and that’s why I want to share with all of you – my readers

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