Europe the Best Value for Skiers this Winter

Europe the best value for skiers this winter

Bulgaria has once again come top as the best value ski destination

Skiers should head to resorts in Europe this winter season to take advantage of the weakening euro, according to research from Moneycorp.

The research shows that the average price of a shopping basket of essential ski items will be down 5.7 per cent overall on last winter.

For example, Britons heading to Switzerland, traditionally one of the most expensive destinations in mainland Europe, will enjoy a 14.7 per cent drop in the cost of ski essentials compared to a year ago, whilst France will see a 6.74 per cent drop and Austria an average fall of 7.28 per cent.

Bulgaria has once again come top in the best value charts with the cost of a shopping basket for one person averaging £248.70. A couple skiing in a popular resort in Bulgaria – such as Bansko – will pay less than £500 for a basket of ski essentials.

On the other hand, skiers who have set their sights on the US will feel the pinch of an average 4.7 per cent rise in the cost of a shopping basket of ski essentials this winter.

Of all the ski destinations surveyed on price, resorts in the US and Canada proved to be the most expensive, with a basket of ski essentials costing on average £638.58 in Canada and £703.59 in the US.

Tracey Tivnan, head of marketing for Travel Money at Moneycorp, said:

“Britons heading off to the European slopes this winter will see their money stretch further. European ski resorts have benefited from a particularly good year thanks to the weakening of the euro, which means that for every €200 you spend on your ski holiday you will be saving yourself £13 compared to last season.

“Resorts have also had to reduce prices across the board to attract custom at a time when families are feeling the financial pinch,”

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